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Week 2 results are in!

September 21, 2010

Hey all you pretty little forthies, this is nicktgal reporting your week 2 results.

I’m also reporting that Braylon Edwards got arrested for a DUI early this morning, aside from the Jets having a Player Protect program.  He wasn’t even pulled over for swerving on the road, either, but because his window tints were too dark…

Braylon, if you’re going to drive drunk, at least do it in an unsuspicious vehicle.  Punching people in Cleveland and joyriding in New York? No doubt the league will understand.

At least when I drive drunk I have a second airbag


This week was a weird one.  The Giants lost, Jets won, (weird, right?) and leads were switching sides as much as Lady Gaga.

Games were decided by safeties and penalties, not touchdowns and field goals.

Our 3 guest pickers, including Montesano from week 1, all fared differently.

And this week, as all logic, common sense, and rightness would assume, I redeemed myself and outscored the no-hearted villain.



Week 2 picks

September 18, 2010

First, In week 1:
The Colts lost to the Texans, a team that had beat them once since there 2002 inaugural year.
The Chargers lost a fluke game to the Chiefs because of rain and bitchy Philip Rivers.
The Eagles lost to the Packers in a hard-fought 27-20 game.
And the Cowboys (although many will argue) lost to a team anchored by Albert Haynesworth, a running back that can’t speak, and a scotch-taped quarterback.
But, by any means, in any way, do any of these teams, plain and simply, “suck”? No, it was just one week.
Second: Reference tinman-with-no-heart’s derision of my week 1 picks.
“I really can’t believe Nicktgal had the audacity to make fun of me. He clearly sucks and is trying to take the attention away from that.”  Come on, tinboy, you’ve got better stuff than that, I hope.
It’s one week.  As proven above, one week doesn’t prove everything.
But without more ado…
We’ve forgotten week 1 and are ready for week 2!  A few bad picks and a few bad play calls by Brian Schottenheimer have left us with nowhere to go but up, up, up, up.  Except for the Giants, they’ll be going down, down, down, down.
This week, along with Monto, who we’ve allowed to return because of his awesome (lucky) Chiefs pick over the Charger, are two Forth and Backwards fanboys and great, great friends of both Tinman and I.
In one corner we have Andrew Perkowski, or, if you’re familiar, Pkow.  Pkow, from Hamilton College, made his picks from his sojourn in California.  He’s recently given himself the nickname “the Cali Kid,” so make fun as much as you’d like.
Opposite corner is Nick Capoccia, Sacred Heart alum and the host of our Volleyball games.  For his own sake, though, hopefully his fate in football prediction is a bit better than in Volleyball.

To the picks…

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