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Favre Far from His Old Self

October 12, 2010

Yesterday was the worst day in Brett Favre’s life.


Brett Favre gets beat up

Can I stay down?


In the morning of yesterday’s rainy Monday Brett had to apologize to his teammates (teary-eyed, we know, ESPN, how much can you stress phony penitence) for sending racy pictures to Jets personnel. A move that violated the only thing that, according to his wife’s book, his wife could not tolerate from him — being a “womanizer.”

And at night,although the treasure of the Vikings, got his booty spanked up and out of the pocket for 3/4 quarters by Jets.

So what’s that? Brett Favre pulled a semi-Tiger Woods semi-metaphorical quadruple career-ending ACL tear, rip, choke. He affected his life off the field, as well as pulling the hope out of Vikings fans and throwing it downfield to the Jets for an interception. (That’s right, we have it now).

But until we get all the details about his peepee-pics it’s a bit tough to accurately touch upon it. All I can say, though, is that, if I were Brett Favre, I’d realize that Jenn Sterger probably has guys that aren’t pushing 40 to look at — she probably wouldn’t want to look at your wrinkly skin and old……………..balls….

But in regard to his on-field antics, you knew early-on that Brett’s night was going to be a tough one…



New Meadowlands Stadium Part 2

September 25, 2010

Approaching the turnstiles everyone in my group of friends did what always happen: We all awkwardly looked at one another silently deciding which gate to go through “where is the shortest?  which one has a hot lady?”  And then, like always, we all thought “fuck it” and went our own ways.

And after receiving our stylish glowing wristbands from the scruffy hobbledehoy (you can think of him as nerfherder) that were way too hard to put on (first the tent and now a free bracelet?) we all met up and had the obligatory, this time not silent, argument:


New Meadowlands Stadium

September 23, 2010
The stadium is only two regular-season weeks old, so a “review” of sorts?
When I was first arriving to the New Meadowlands (yes, Meadowlands, not Giants) Stadium last Sunday for the week 1 matchup versus the Ravens, to be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.  Was it going to be “all it was hyped up to be?”  I mean, it cost $1.6 billion to make, about $.3 billion more than Jerry Jones’ beloved football Mt. Olympus, so it must be like, awesome crazy football Mt. Olympus, right?

But then I kept remembering Yankee Stadium.  The new stadium is, in many ways, bigger, better, grander than the old one.  The big screen is so big it’ll probably have long term effects on players eyesight, there are refreshment money-vacuums every couple feet, and things like a Metro-North platform connecting to the stadium are all overly convenient.  But, even as a stern and assiduous Yankees fan, I’ll admit that it’s simply “not the same” as old Yankee Stadium.  When I’m at home I’d rather sit on a huge, comfortable couch than a small, hard one, but at a game that notion isn’t the same.  And there is no giant baseball bat outside the stadium, which was the focal point of every mental picture I had of the stadium from my childhood. I also haven’t seen the gaudy Steinbrenner plaque yet, but I can assume.

An exterior picture of the old Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, NY.  The famous "big bat" is visible.

I never knew why the bat tape was peeling

So there are always the cool new things you enjoy and the old things that aren’t even actually that cool but that you miss a whole lot.

Like I said, I didn’t know what to expect, and as we approached our parking space,  (Granted old Giants Stadium isn’t as memorable as old Yankee stadium), I wasn’t sure what new things I’d appreciate and what old staples would soon become memories.


Damn it Braylon

September 21, 2010

Braylon Edwards, Dropped Ball, DWI, Jets, Football, 17

As some of you may already know Braylon Edwards has been charged with a DWI.

Coming off a big win against the Pats on Sunday we all expected the Jets to celebrate for a few days. They deserve it. What we didn’t expect was to possibly lose our best current receiver for week 3 and possibly more.

Week 2 results are in!

September 21, 2010

Hey all you pretty little forthies, this is nicktgal reporting your week 2 results.

I’m also reporting that Braylon Edwards got arrested for a DUI early this morning, aside from the Jets having a Player Protect program.  He wasn’t even pulled over for swerving on the road, either, but because his window tints were too dark…

Braylon, if you’re going to drive drunk, at least do it in an unsuspicious vehicle.  Punching people in Cleveland and joyriding in New York? No doubt the league will understand.

At least when I drive drunk I have a second airbag


This week was a weird one.  The Giants lost, Jets won, (weird, right?) and leads were switching sides as much as Lady Gaga.

Games were decided by safeties and penalties, not touchdowns and field goals.

Our 3 guest pickers, including Montesano from week 1, all fared differently.

And this week, as all logic, common sense, and rightness would assume, I redeemed myself and outscored the no-hearted villain.


Clinton, say no more

September 17, 2010

First, I agree with Clinton Portis’ thoughts.  He has no involvement and is irrelevant, but, all rough edges aside, is right.


When Clinton Portis appeared on 106.7 The Fan, a radio show he attends weekly, and commented on the latest Ines Sainz / New York Jets “treat me like I don’t flaunt my breasts and butt even though I actually do” situation, I think Clinton forgot the golden rule of “being a public voice.”

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