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The Worst Athletes

October 15, 2010

Hey everyone, nicktgal here, it’s almost the weekend, so here’s a little reading to kill the time until your Friday night begins…

While watching the Rays-Rangers game 5 and seeing Cliff Lee dominate Tampa Bay, I felt nothing else but hate for that guy.  Spurred by that was a tweet where I listed my most hated athletes, and spurred from that tweet is this piece.


It’s easy to hate an athlete.  They do what most people’s childhood dreams were until they realize all their hard work isn’t going to pay off.  They get paid, they’re famous, they (in most cases) like what they do.  They had that childhood dream, had the ability to back it up, and backed it up.  We give them their money for what some people consider trivial, and we like it.  But when they mess up, we like to yell at them, curse at them, and feel good about ourselves.

We dislike a lot of the players, love a few of them, and boy, we love the teams we love.

We like him

We dislike a lot of the players.

We dislike a lot of the players.

We dislike a lot of the players.



Did the Jets show up?

September 15, 2010

First of all, is Nicktgal not the biggest sore loser you’ve ever seen? I had the best record in our week 1 predictions, he had by far the worst, and still he finds the need to insult me.

With such an embarrassing record maybe Nicktgal should be voted off for next weeks picks instead of Monto. Just a thought, I mean really only 2 wins? How bad can you be?


The 2010 jets got off to a promising start.

That was supposed to be a sarcastic statement.

Leaving the stadium last night all you could hear was banter from Jet fans on who was to blame for the loss. On one side you could hear the fans blaming the offense, Mark Sanchez, the O-line, Brian Schottenheimer. On the other side you could hear the fans blaming the disgusting amount of penalties that the Jets committed (14 penalties for 125 yards, Jets totals yards: 176).

Now I’m not here to place the blame on any one person. I mean that would be too easy, or would it? I can blame Kyle Wilson for never turning his head on a pass, or Cromartie for loving to hit the receivers before the ball gets to them.

Or I can blame Sanchez who completed 10 out of 21 passes for a whopping 2.9 yards a pass.

The truth is that it’s impossible to pinpoint the blame to a single source. Even though the defense committed a penalty on what seemed like every play, they still played an amazing game. Most teams in the league would have easily won if their defense held the newly built ravens offense to a 10 measly points.

On the offensive side of the ball the Jets sucked. There is no other word for it. Shonn Greene decided early on that holding on to the ball was not important. And Schotty thought the best course of action was to not let Sanchez throw more than 5 yards on a pass.

Then there was the driving murdering play by Dustin Keller. On one of the few Sanchez throws that actually found its way into a receivers hands couldn’t be converted into a first down. Keller couldn’t make that last ditch effort to put the ball over the marker. It’s a play that we see week in week out being made by just about every player in the league. The receiver or runner using the athleticism they were blessed with to make one more tiny move to place the ball over the first down marker. Keller needs to raise his awareness; a simple arm stretch would’ve done the job. That’s all it takes. But the Jets offense couldn’t make it happen.

If the display from the Jets offense was foreshadowing what they are going to do each week then we, the Jet faithful, are in for a long, torturous season.

The Jets better fine-tune their game for next week’s matchup against a Pats team that looked like the squad they were when they won their three Superbowls.

For now all we can do is HOPE the Jets step up their game.

This video pretty much sums up the game pretty well.

Till next post,


P.S. I really can’t believe Nicktgal had the audacity to make fun of me. He clearly sucks and is trying to take the attention away from that. Never trust his picks.

P.P.S. Thank you Nick C. for the tickets to the game….looking forward to another one

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