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week 8 f&b picks! just f&b

October 31, 2010

Heyo, week 8 is here, and we’re here with more of our nonsensical NFL predictions that you should definitely use as a basis for when you make your 1000 dollar wages with Vegas this weekend.  That’s right, everything we say you can trust 100% to win you every single bet you make.  And if you don’t win, we’ll recompense you with 100% restitution*

*Everything previously is a lie

to the picks!


Week 6 results…Tinman takes a hit

October 19, 2010

It was a good week for New York football fans… and a bad one for New York baseball fans.  Cliff Lee is a monster, he should be banned from baseball like I should be from being cool…we’re both just too good at it.  Wait….sigh….

Back to football.

The Jets, led by Mark Sanchez -the guy who doesn’t suck- came back against the Broncos, and the Giants survived the Lions who unfortunately lost their overachieving quarterback Shaun Hill.  If not for that…I’m not sure.

In regard to NFL predictions, the week was a little bit better for this New York football fan than the one with no heart.



October 16, 2010

It’s wonderful Saturday again.  The day where we put up our genius NFL predictions and show the world exactly how much we know about the NFL.  We know every statistic, we know all there is to know.  We know everything.

Tomorrow the Pats try to reclaim their status against the Ravens, but they won’t, Mike Vick faces Atlanta, but isn’t playing, and the Jets will spank the starterless Broncos.

This week we have two returning pickers from last week, Harris Decker and Mike Rubenfeld because they ended up with the same record, 9-5, last week.  And, along with them, is Scott Rapasadi, the king of Albany himself.  The guy who, much more than lame Tinman, showed SUNY Albany what it meant to be “the man.”  So we have Truth About Music vs. Cortland vs. Albany.  WHO YA GOT?

To the picks…

Week 5 results

October 12, 2010
No matter what the week 5 results were, after the Jets beat the Vikings last night nothing could put a damper on the week.

The Jets beat up the Vikings, but Tinman beat up the predictions.

Week 5 picks…it’s getting serious

October 9, 2010

It’s that time of the week again, the four-time-a-month excuse to get rowdy, obnoxious, justifiably biased and close-minded, and drunk.

First, though, I was dead wrong about Roccomeback.  Sheesh…talk about embarrassing.  Rocco, in his momentous return to fame went 0/3, was pinch hit for, and was dropped from the roster following the game.  So, yeah, I was wrong.  It’s tough to swallow sometimes, seeing as though this is the first time in my life I’ve ever been wrong.

This week is a matchup between an eclectic collection of NFL prediction competitors.  Our two new challengers, who will challenge Tinman, Chewie, the defending champ Harris, and I, are Ryan Froats of Endicott and Mike Rubenfeld of Cortland.  The rivalry is a bit bitter, too, because I was offered large contracts from both to play on their softball teams…and chose Rubenfeld’s.

Froats, who has interests the same as mine and has written pieces for the North County News, will look to redeem himself.

But after Harris’ week last week, who can tell?

To the 7 columned table and the picks that you should never use to bet with!…



October 5, 2010

Well, boys and girls, the week 4 NFL prediction results are in. And boy, was it a lucky one.

In a week where the the Colts lose to the Jaguars, the Bengals lose to the Browns, and the Bears lose to the Giants, there is no other explanation other than “Lady Luck” visited Jacksonville, Cleveland, and the Meadowlands. And, on her way to the Meadowlands, to Tinman’s house.

I know, it’s easy to say, “hey, the Colts aren’t the Colts of old,” “Carson Palmer sucks, it isn’t luck,” and “the Giants looked so damn good and Cutler looked so damn bad it’s definitely not luck.”
And it’s also easy for Julian to say “Look Nick, I’m making better picks than you, I have all year, stop saying it’s luck.”

But NO, it’s luck, I swear, it has to be.

And, on a side-note, do we have a new guru? Has Capoccia been ousted?

The results…

week 4 NFL picks…the week of nicktgal

October 2, 2010

The fourth week of the NFL is tomorrow, which is kind of like weekly Christmas.  No, Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanzaa all in one.  Here at Forth and Backwards we celebrate all religions!

Unlike the weeks 1 and 3, which seem to have been two coincidental statistical outliers that should have never happened and have absolutely no relevance to my actual NFL prediction ability, week 4 will prove to be the week that turns nicktgal around.

To this week’s picks.

Week 3 results…a close one

September 28, 2010
Week 3 has come to culmination, and all the way up to Bears edging out the Packers last night, it was, more than anything, a close one.

The Bills kept it close with the Pats, only losing by 8, Seattle won by two epic kick returns by (ex-jet…sigh) Leon Washington, Atlanta beat the Saints, Jets/Miami had both Julian and I hopping up and down like we weren’t trying to wet our pants, and Oakland lost to Arizona by a Sebastian Janikowski coke choke-job, but nobody really cares about that one.

One team that didn’t keep it close was the Giants, though, they mistook their way into a titanic, giant loss to the Titans. (see that? cool, right?)

This week’s “Forth and Backwards back and forth competition amongst NFL prediction airheads” followed suit.



September 25, 2010


And that means time for more Forth and Backwards back and forth competition amongst NFL prediction airheads.

After an 8-6-2 week from Nick Capoccia, he still is here, this time requesting to switch to the fourth column, next to angry Chewie.

He tied for first against me, nicktgal, and outscored both Horrid Heartless and the giant walking carpet.  Andy Pkow and Monto were ousted last week, but our buddy Greg Cristallo from Sacred Heart and Mike Cartelli vie to challenge.

Let’s see if anyone can put up something better than an 8-6-2 to advance.

To the picks..

Week 2 results are in!

September 21, 2010

Hey all you pretty little forthies, this is nicktgal reporting your week 2 results.

I’m also reporting that Braylon Edwards got arrested for a DUI early this morning, aside from the Jets having a Player Protect program.  He wasn’t even pulled over for swerving on the road, either, but because his window tints were too dark…

Braylon, if you’re going to drive drunk, at least do it in an unsuspicious vehicle.  Punching people in Cleveland and joyriding in New York? No doubt the league will understand.

At least when I drive drunk I have a second airbag


This week was a weird one.  The Giants lost, Jets won, (weird, right?) and leads were switching sides as much as Lady Gaga.

Games were decided by safeties and penalties, not touchdowns and field goals.

Our 3 guest pickers, including Montesano from week 1, all fared differently.

And this week, as all logic, common sense, and rightness would assume, I redeemed myself and outscored the no-hearted villain.


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