week 8 f&b picks! just f&b


Heyo, week 8 is here, and we’re here with more of our nonsensical NFL predictions that you should definitely use as a basis for when you make your 1000 dollar wages with Vegas this weekend.  That’s right, everything we say you can trust 100% to win you every single bet you make.  And if you don’t win, we’ll recompense you with 100% restitution*

*Everything previously is a lie

to the picks!

due to a few reasons our pickers this week won’t be displayed. they’ll be up there week 9, though, apologies to everyone else scheduled that is being pushed back.

Matchups nicktgal Tinman Chewbacca
Broncos @ 49ers(-2.5) Broncos Broncos the buckin’ broncs
Jaguars @ Boys(-6.5) Cowboys Cowboys bits of real panthers
Redskins @ Lions (-2.5) Redskins Redskins the team-that-always-gets-heat-from-indians
Packers @ Jets (-6) Jets Jets Jets
Panthers @ Rams (-2) Rams Panthers cool helmets
Dolphins @ Bengals (-1) Dolphins Bengals figers
Bills @ Chiefs (-7) Chiefs Chiefs Bison
Titans @ Chargers (-4) Titans Chargers pwned by Zeus’s…by the way, Remember the Titans is a terrible movie
Bucs @ Cardinals (-2) Bucs Cardinals Pirates
Seahawks @ Raiders (-2.5) Raiders Raiders weird water bird things…wtf are they?
Vikings @ Patriots (-6) Patriots Pats The long haired cheating americans
Steelers @ Saints (-1) Steelers Steelers Metal makers
Texans @ Colts (-5.5) Texans Colts Little baby horsies

By the way, the reason that there were no picks last week -my newspaper thing- is published!  Check out The Yorktown Examiner, I’ll be in it this week with an article on Hen Hud soccer.  I know, The Yorktown Examiner, but it’s a start, okay?

to starts,



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