Favre until the last second


The Vikings-Packers game just ended.  Like, literally.  Favre just fell, got up, and threw it out of bounds in the direction of Randy Moss, surprising us that he didn’t score on a 4th and 15.  Right now he’s definitely hearing it from the Lambeau fans, I’d say about 80% boos and 20% claps and whistles.  Now the Black Eyed Peas are being played over the Lambeau sound system, epitomizing the failure of the night.


Hey, I'm Brett Favre, sup?


So yeah, Favre failed, and I love it.  But no matter how much I hate him, it’s crazy how no matter what he does during the game, he continues to keep his gunslinging style all the way up to the end of the game, and that’s why the game is never really over.  We’ve seen it our entire lives, we saw it against the Jets a few weeks ago, and we saw it a few minutes ago.

It was 4th and 15 and the Vikings needed a miracle, but isn’t that what Favre specializes in? Isn’t throwing a touchdown, getting it called back, and throwing another touchdown just to say “look, I did it twice, bitches” exactly what Favre does best?  Even when he fell to the ground in the beginning of the play I knew that that would have meant the end of the play for most quarterbacks, but, just like Favre’s attitude throughout every game, he got up and continued to try and convert the play.  Earlier in that drive, on fourth down and long, I was speaking to Harris Decker and Heartless, and was saying “It sucks that I’m 99% sure Favre will convert this play,” and what did he do?  Whip a missile into the hands of newly arrived Randy Moss.

What did he do on the last play of the game?  Fall (yay!) but then whip it in the direction of Moss again (boo), but fortunately for an incomplete (yay!).  He just doesn’t go away.  He’ll toss three picks, but then he’ll toss three touchdowns that somehow seem to matter a lot more than those picks (Except last year vs. the Saints, yay!).  He makes the miracle, he makes us consider the improbable probable, and makes us expect the unexpected.  He just doesn’t go away.

And that’s why he’s so easy to hate.

bye weeks suck,



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