Week 6 results…Tinman takes a hit


It was a good week for New York football fans… and a bad one for New York baseball fans.  Cliff Lee is a monster, he should be banned from baseball like I should be from being cool…we’re both just too good at it.  Wait….sigh….

Back to football.

The Jets, led by Mark Sanchez -the guy who doesn’t suck- came back against the Broncos, and the Giants survived the Lions who unfortunately lost their overachieving quarterback Shaun Hill.  If not for that…I’m not sure.

In regard to NFL predictions, the week was a little bit better for this New York football fan than the one with no heart.

The race got a bit quicker for the F&B regulars, and someone stole the double-headed crown from Harris Decker and Mike Rubenfeld.  To check out everyone’s picks, check this out.

The final results:

nicktgal – 7-6-1

Julian – 5-8-1

Chewbacca (ouch) – 3-10-1

Harris – 5-8-1

Rubenfeld – 7-6-1

Rapasadi – 8-5-1

It looks like Albany can party harder than Cortland.

As said before, is it me, or is Mark Sanchez one of the most resilient quarterbacks in the NFL?  The guy looked terrible in the first quarter and came back against an always-solid Broncos team.  And a bye week to clean it up?  So long suckas.

overall records:

nick – 39-46-6

Julian – 45-39-6

Chewbacca – 33-49-6

Next week Yorktown and Gettysburg alum Tim Kurps, along with University of Tampa alum Adam Brachfeld vow to show all of F&B up.



One Response to “Week 6 results…Tinman takes a hit”

  1. Ruby Says:

    False…no one can party can Cortland

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