It’s wonderful Saturday again.  The day where we put up our genius NFL predictions and show the world exactly how much we know about the NFL.  We know every statistic, we know all there is to know.  We know everything.

Tomorrow the Pats try to reclaim their status against the Ravens, but they won’t, Mike Vick faces Atlanta, but isn’t playing, and the Jets will spank the starterless Broncos.

This week we have two returning pickers from last week, Harris Decker and Mike Rubenfeld because they ended up with the same record, 9-5, last week.  And, along with them, is Scott Rapasadi, the king of Albany himself.  The guy who, much more than lame Tinman, showed SUNY Albany what it meant to be “the man.”  So we have Truth About Music vs. Cortland vs. Albany.  WHO YA GOT?

To the picks…

Matchups Nick Julian Chewie Harris Rubenfeld Rapasadi
Chargers(-9) @ Rams Chargers Chargers Chargers Chargers Rams Chargers
Chiefs@ Texans(-4.5) Texans Chiefs Texans Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs
Ravens @ Pats(-2.5) Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens Patriots Patriots
Saints(-4.5) @ Bucs Bucs Saints Bucs Saints Saints Saints
Falcs @ Eagles(-2.5) Eagles Falcons Falcons Falcons Eagles Eagles
Lions @ Giants(-10) Lions Lions Giants Lions Giants Giants
Seahawks @ Bears(-6.5) Bears Bears Bears Seahawks Bears Bears
Browns @ Steelers(-14) Steelers Browns Steelers Browns Browns Steelers
Dolphins @ Packers(-3) Packers Packers Packers Packers Packers Packers
Jets(-3.5) @ Broncos Jets Jets Jets Jets Jets Jets
Raiders @ 49ers(-7) 49ers Raiders Raiders Raiders Raiders 49ers
Boys @ Vikings(-1.5) Vikings Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys
Colts (-3) @ Skins Colts Colts Colts Colts Colts Colts
Titans (-3) @ Jags Titans Titans Titans Jaguars Titans Titans

UPDATED:  nobody is required to pick predict the MNF final score.

A little behind?  Check out how the year is going in last week’s recap.

Happy gambling.  Sad Losing.





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