Week 5 results

No matter what the week 5 results were, after the Jets beat the Vikings last night nothing could put a damper on the week.

The Jets beat up the Vikings, but Tinman beat up the predictions.

It was a relatively unexciting week in the NFL, except for a few games.  The Raiders beat the Chargers with a few awesome Special Teams plays (too many games are being decided this way)and Tampa Bay and Washington each made late comebacks, but there were also matchups like the Falcons-Browns and the Lions-Rams.

But, aside from the mundane NFL games, the predictions were a bit more exciting.  Julian posted the best predictions for a week heretofore, and we have a bit of a discrepancy with our challengers.

nicktgal – 8-6

julian – 11-3

chewie – 7-7

Harris – 9-5

Froats – 7-7

Rubenfeld – 9-5

Congrats to Tinman, as his 15 minutes are up, but what to do with Harris and Rubenfeld?  Do we give it to Harris for being the defending champ?  Flip a coin?  Fight to the death?  Slap fight?  Rocks-paper-scissor (It’s “Rocks Paper Scissor Shoot,” NOT “Rocks Paper Scissor SAYS shoot”)?

To avoid this, we’ll let them both pick next week!  With one new picker: Scott Rapasadi of SUNY Albany, a great friend of Julian’s, Forth and Backwards, and I.

In the following weeks, though, if the picks can potentially result in a tie, each picker will be asked to predict the score of the Monday Night game.

And before a sign off, I vow to all F&B readers that I will make a comeback against Heartless, because everyone is rooting for me, right?  No? Alright.

season records –

nicktgal – 32-40-5

julian – 40-31-5

chewie – 30-39-5



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