Favre Far from His Old Self


Yesterday was the worst day in Brett Favre’s life.


Brett Favre gets beat up

Can I stay down?


In the morning of yesterday’s rainy Monday Brett had to apologize to his teammates (teary-eyed, we know, ESPN, how much can you stress phony penitence) for sending racy pictures to Jets personnel. A move that violated the only thing that, according to his wife’s book, his wife could not tolerate from him — being a “womanizer.”

And at night,although the treasure of the Vikings, got his booty spanked up and out of the pocket for 3/4 quarters by Jets.

So what’s that? Brett Favre pulled a semi-Tiger Woods semi-metaphorical quadruple career-ending ACL tear, rip, choke. He affected his life off the field, as well as pulling the hope out of Vikings fans and throwing it downfield to the Jets for an interception. (That’s right, we have it now).

But until we get all the details about his peepee-pics it’s a bit tough to accurately touch upon it. All I can say, though, is that, if I were Brett Favre, I’d realize that Jenn Sterger probably has guys that aren’t pushing 40 to look at — she probably wouldn’t want to look at your wrinkly skin and old……………..balls….

But in regard to his on-field antics, you knew early-on that Brett’s night was going to be a tough one…

side-note: I’m very surprised that Wrangler aired those commercials of Brett speaking to us as if we were going for a ride with him.  Nobody wants to go on a car ride with him, especially after his texting joyride, hey… by the way…your pants must not be very comfortable…

It was kind of funny how Favre and Moss reversed roles on the first play of the game when they ran an end-around and Moss tossed to Favre a few yards downfield — and funnier when you realized that two veterans, one old enough to be an actual Veteran, didn’t know the rules.

That play epitomized the entire game and, ultimately, the entire Vikings organization.  They try to stir things up, cause a little excitement, and it backfires.  They try to bring a 41 year old ball tossing bone bag to match the bone bag’s magical previous year, and they get nothing but a tendinitis’d bone bag.  They try to bring Randy Moss into the mix to create a veritable downfield threat in the absence of Sidney Rice, they get a whole bunch of ESPN highlights of Antonio Cromarties jogging behind a walking Randy Moss.

So let’s go through that play and how it eerily resembles the entire Vikings organization and the game as a whole.

The Vikings set up at the line of scrimmage —

How it relates to the Vikings – We have no idea what we’re doing, we have to change something.

How it relates to the game as a whole – Yeah, look at our studs.

Moss gets the ball in the backfield —



This guy will save us.


How it relates to the Vikings – “Let’s stir things up a bit.  We have a pretty boring team, let’s throw in Brett Favre and Randy Moss.  If they have the ball nothing can go wrong!”

How it relates to the game as a whole – We don’t really look like we know what we’re doing, and we’ve been getting shut down through the beginning of the game so far, but don’t worry, Randy and Brett will make something happen.

Moss pump fakes —

Vikings organization – “Okay, our team is a bit of a mess, a bunch of guys shoved together doing the wrong thing.  They’re sending weird pictures and stuff.”

Game – “Okay, it’s half time, we’re still alive, but have made some pretty dumb decisions.  Remember when we gave the ball to Moss to throw it to Favre?”

Moss throws it to Favre for a completion —

Vikings organization – “Our team will mesh and gel just like anyone else.  Our guys are too good.”

Game – “FAVRE CAN’T BE STOPPED!  PETERSON IS AWESOME!  Three touchdowns in a little more than a quarter!  Suck it, Patriots! Suck it, everyone!”

Play gets called back for Favre being ineligible —

Vikings organization – “Okay, we just lost to the Jets, our quarterback is hurt, we got slapped around for three quarters, we’re 1-3, our coveted running back just got shut down, our schedule is about to get very tough, wow…we really suck.”

Game as a whole – “That stupid, idiotic son of a bitch did it again.  A terrible interception to lose the game.  And this time….who is that guy?….Lowery?  Who the hell is Lowery?”

So, this Brett Favre thing has kind of backfired a little bit.  Between his whole text messaging thing and his elbow tendinits, things are only going to get worse.


And through all this, the Jets looked real good (not awesome) once again.  The defense was a labyrinth for most of the game, especially in the first half, and the running game picked up where the rain precluded the passing game.  Tomlinson ran as though he were running down a mountain from angry mountain goats, and Shonn Grenne reminded us of what was instilled in us after last year’s playoffs.

One thing, though, Rexy Plexy, seriously, learn to clock manage.  At the end of the fourth quarter, when the Jets had the football on first down and the clock read about 2:40, all they had to do to ensure the clock would run down to the 2 minute warning was run a toss.  Not even a toss, anything to the outside that would take a few seconds longer than a blast up the gut. Instead, they run that blast, and then passed with 2:04 left — an incomplete that stopped the clock.  Through those two terrible play calls the Jets left the Vikings with 1:56 seconds to score instead of what would have been about 10 seconds.

Against guys like Brady, Manning, Rivers, Rodgers, and Brees, that game is a Jets loss for the reason alone.

But, fortunately for the Jets, Favre is an idiot.

yay Jets,

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