Rocco’s Comeback Not the Greatest


In response to nicktgal’s “Roccomeback


Is nicktgal really saying that Rocco’s comeback has the potential to be one of the best comebacks in sports history? This is a joke right? It has to be.

I will give credit where credit is due. I admire Rocco for not letting his condition keep him away from the game he loves. Hell I even like Rocco despite everything I said about him. He’s a decent player who works hard to stay in the game, as he is proving by making the Ray’s playoff roster.

But to say that he is making one of the best comebacks in sports history might be taking it a bit over the edge.

I did a little bit of research on Mitochondrial Myopathy to grasp the extent of how exactly it can hinder you. Just as I suspected it is a horrible disease to have. But, it can be treated with some physical therapy and a combination of vitamins. Of course these treatments don’t work for everyone, depending on the severity of the case. There is no cure for Rocco’s condition but the treatments can help alleviate the intensity of some of the symptoms.

So that got me thinking, Rocco has access to the best physical therapy anyone can get. Even his doctor’s said his case would not keep him from being able to play in the Majors.

So his comeback is more of an “I can play well again” comeback, rather than an “I have beaten all the odds and am back by some miracle” comeback. Still, I will say congrats to Rocco and wish him the best of luck in the playoffs and his future.

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