Just a little newsflash.

Not long ago, in a galaxy right here, Julian and I had a heated exchange.  And, although many of our first F&B readers that have been with us from the beginning may believe that they’ve just wasted their time, their loyalty has paid off.  They get the opportunity to chance to root for the greatest Comeback Kid of all time.

Rocco Baldelli, against all odds, and against all mitochondrial setbacks and physical handicaps, is starting for the Tampa Bay Rays at DH in tonight’s game 1 vs. the Texas Rangers.  That’s right, the laughing stock (although cruel and distasteful) of Heartless’ original posts may make Tinman eat his words  (Although probably not, because no matter how wrong he is, he never admits it ((or is that me?)).  And yes, Tinman, having mitochondrial myopathy, a disease that literally disallows your muscles to perform properly, is an excuse.

Following Tinman’s words, I wrote an article entitled “The Game is More than a Game” where I spoke about some athlete’s never-dying desire to compete and compete and compete. No matter what their setbacks, from Mike Lowell to my pal Matt Nigro.

If Rocco Baldelli has a good playoffs for the Rays and overcomes his disease, is it one of the greatest (even if for only one playoffs) comeback stories ever?

Who’s cooler?

the game just started,



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