Well, boys and girls, the week 4 NFL prediction results are in. And boy, was it a lucky one.

In a week where the the Colts lose to the Jaguars, the Bengals lose to the Browns, and the Bears lose to the Giants, there is no other explanation other than “Lady Luck” visited Jacksonville, Cleveland, and the Meadowlands. And, on her way to the Meadowlands, to Tinman’s house.

I know, it’s easy to say, “hey, the Colts aren’t the Colts of old,” “Carson Palmer sucks, it isn’t luck,” and “the Giants looked so damn good and Cutler looked so damn bad it’s definitely not luck.”
And it’s also easy for Julian to say “Look Nick, I’m making better picks than you, I have all year, stop saying it’s luck.”

But NO, it’s luck, I swear, it has to be.

And, on a side-note, do we have a new guru? Has Capoccia been ousted?

The results…

nicktgal – 7-7
Julian – 8-6
Chewie – 6-8
Capoccia – 5-9
Harris – 9-5
D’andrea – 5-9

It seems that Nick Capoccia’s fate has matched his Volleyball fate, the fate of ultimate defeat and misery.

Both Capoccia and Nick D’andrea, who hopefully has better luck selling Fords, went a miserable (I went 7-7, I’m allowed to talk, right?) 5-9, while Harris Decker of the music blog The Truth About Music went an awesome 9-5 and posted the best betting, wait, no, predicting record of the year heretofore.

But, like I said, it could have been (probably was) a fluke.  For our defending champ Nick C. to lose and for heartless, brainless Julian to beat your coveted nicktgal, something must be wrong.

Even if this week repeats itself next week, I’ll still be happy if the Jets beat up Brett Favre on Monday.  I hate him so damn much.  I HATE HIM

oh, cool, that Ray Lewis Old Spice commercial just came on, I’d definitely hang out with that bear.

season records

nicktgal – 24-34-5

julian – 29-28-5

chewie – 23-32-5

Favre can’t spell,



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