“We” or “They”

This is a side-note from the previous post, “Longoria Speak to Rays Fans,” about Evan Longoria and the Rays scarce attendance, but seemed to be a post in itself.

So, for those of you not interested in quick-speaking Evan Longoria, here is an excerpt from that piece.

On the topic of fan alienation and all that other crap, I’m making a vehement stand for saying “we” rather than “they.”  When the Jets sign Ladainian Tomlinson, the correct summary is “WE just got fuckin’ awesome.”  When Mark Sanchez doesn’t make a pass for more than five yards against the Ravens: “Fuck US, all this Hard Knocks hype and we suck.”  When we beat the Patriots in the next week: “WE’RE awesome, the Super bowl is ours!!!”

Can Fireman Ed, at least, say "we"?

Just recently it seems I’ve been on this topic at bars and during conversations a bit more than usual.  The #3 wide receiver on our flag football team, who complains too much about me not throwing him the ball, is as fervent as I am in this stance, but on the other extreme.  He says “they,” defending that we aren’t players and have no impact on the team at all.  “We’re a bunch of money venders playing anti-Robin Hood.”

But my retort: “Without us, the fans, there would be no team.  We do indeed pay the money, but without that money the Jets and no other team exists.”

Except I then realize that, being a Playstation 3 owner, when Sony sells another PS3 I don’t say “We just sold another sucker a device that breaks too much.”  Then I try to change the subject before he uses this argument.

Seriously, though, I’ve mentioned sports, especially football, being about camaraderie (I mentioned this on one post… I promise… I’ll find it… it’s here somewhere…).  So when the Jets beat the Patriots and I can say to a Tom Brady mancrusher “We just owned your ass” (no pun intended) it’s a bit better than saying “The team that I like the most just beat the team that you like the most!!!!!”



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