Week 3 results…a close one

Week 3 has come to culmination, and all the way up to Bears edging out the Packers last night, it was, more than anything, a close one.

The Bills kept it close with the Pats, only losing by 8, Seattle won by two epic kick returns by (ex-jet…sigh) Leon Washington, Atlanta beat the Saints, Jets/Miami had both Julian and I hopping up and down like we weren’t trying to wet our pants, and Oakland lost to Arizona by a Sebastian Janikowski coke choke-job, but nobody really cares about that one.

One team that didn’t keep it close was the Giants, though, they mistook their way into a titanic, giant loss to the Titans. (see that? cool, right?)

This week’s “Forth and Backwards back and forth competition amongst NFL prediction airheads” followed suit.

nicktgal – 7-9

Julian – 8-8

Chewie – 7-9

Capoccia – 9-7

Cartelli – 8-8

Cristallo – 7-9

And no matter how close it was, I’m unfortunately the Janikowski of week three, along with Sacred Heart’s Greg Cristallo and Chewbacca.  You suck, Chewie.

But Capoccia, with a NFC West-like 9-7 advancement, continues for the second week, and continues his effort to embarrass us F&B writers.

But right shall prevail, and nicktgal shall steer clear of the wave within the next few weeks.

Overall records –

nicktgal (still a victim of week 1) 17-27-5

julian 21-22-5

Chewie 17-24-5

And Capoccia, to the chagrin of all our guests, has established himself here on the yearly ranks – 17-13-2

Okay, time to go do some research, I’m sure I’ll be hearing from Heartless to soon enough.  And he’ll be sure to support his name…

Next week’s guests are Nick D’andrea –you may have seen him on TV! Well, on a Ford commercial with his dad– of Marist descent, and Harris Decker, a main contributor of the popular music blog TruthAboutMusic.com .

about to leave for Jersey,



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