Around the Horn and PTI in HD, P U


I'm a Quaker AND my face looks like oatmeal!

After an eventful Sunday, one that the Jets bolstered their status as the most entertaining, eventful, exciting, badass team in the league, I did what I always do on Monday evening, watch Around the Horn and, since there is NOTHING else on at 5:30, PTI.

This Monday was the first day in each show’s history that they were filmed in High-Definition.  Around the Horn got a new, sleek “apple store” of a set, while PTI kept its creepy set full of cardboard cutouts.

Remember when HD-TV first came out?  There was all the talk about how TV personalities and anchors would need to change their entire make-up and pre-show routine.  About how when you watched Larry King Live it was recommended you kept a barf bag within reach?

And now that 3D-TV is coming out there’s even more warnings:  “For every hour you watch, take a 15 minute rest,” “Use safety precaution when you wear you 3D goggles,” “Wear a poncho when you watch Oprah.”

Well, it took only HD, not even 3D, for ESPN and PTI to ruin my day.  Some things should never be seen close up, one of them is Tony Kornheiser.  This is just a warning to all my readers, yes, to both of you, to never watch PTI or Kornheiser in high-definition.  And if you do, I implore you to abstain from eating or drinking while you do.

It’s like watching the Marshmallow Man’s mummy look at the Lost Ark.


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