New Meadowlands Stadium

The stadium is only two regular-season weeks old, so a “review” of sorts?
When I was first arriving to the New Meadowlands (yes, Meadowlands, not Giants) Stadium last Sunday for the week 1 matchup versus the Ravens, to be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.  Was it going to be “all it was hyped up to be?”  I mean, it cost $1.6 billion to make, about $.3 billion more than Jerry Jones’ beloved football Mt. Olympus, so it must be like, awesome crazy football Mt. Olympus, right?

But then I kept remembering Yankee Stadium.  The new stadium is, in many ways, bigger, better, grander than the old one.  The big screen is so big it’ll probably have long term effects on players eyesight, there are refreshment money-vacuums every couple feet, and things like a Metro-North platform connecting to the stadium are all overly convenient.  But, even as a stern and assiduous Yankees fan, I’ll admit that it’s simply “not the same” as old Yankee Stadium.  When I’m at home I’d rather sit on a huge, comfortable couch than a small, hard one, but at a game that notion isn’t the same.  And there is no giant baseball bat outside the stadium, which was the focal point of every mental picture I had of the stadium from my childhood. I also haven’t seen the gaudy Steinbrenner plaque yet, but I can assume.

An exterior picture of the old Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, NY.  The famous "big bat" is visible.

I never knew why the bat tape was peeling

So there are always the cool new things you enjoy and the old things that aren’t even actually that cool but that you miss a whole lot.

Like I said, I didn’t know what to expect, and as we approached our parking space,  (Granted old Giants Stadium isn’t as memorable as old Yankee stadium), I wasn’t sure what new things I’d appreciate and what old staples would soon become memories.

So far all I knew was that the drive to the stadium from Westchester was a breeze, especially for a week 1 football game.  I could accredit to the driver, Nick D’andrea, or the Ford he drives (he owns a Ford dealership) but I won’t.  It was obviously all the traffic engineers.

As we opened the doors to the car around 2:30 pm — it was a 7 pm game– we entered a parking lot about 1/3 filled with boozed-up up grill-hovering green-clad football fans.  And although we were aware of a possible imminent rain storm, the skies were blue with a few pillows of fat cumulus clouds.  They were only few, though, so I wasn’t distracted by giant white dragons or fluffy bunnies.  And after a few moments of wishing there were actually huge rabbits flying around the sky, my friends reminded me, with some pernicious curses, that I was to man the fourth corner of our tailgate tent (those tents are not easy).

A view from outside New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. New York Jets week 1 vs. Baltimore Ravens

I'm all for Smart cars, but it seems out of place outside a football stadium

For hours we ate, drank, drank, while mingling with fellow Jet fans and meeting up with friends from home.  For those of you who are all “what kind of man tailgates with a tent!”, it’s a perfect excuse for people to come to you to tailgate instead of you going to them: “We can’t come alllllllllll the way from section B to section C!  We have some much a shit…and a tent to move!”  And when that imminent rainstorm finally approached, which put a straight line across the sky, one side black and one blue, making an ass of ourselves before (being four recent college graduates unable to erect an already put-together tent) was definitely worth the chagrin.
And while the rain initially “rained on our parade” (I’m so witty), when the skies cleared up it was as though everyone’s spirits and anticipation had dipped from below zero and rubber-banded even higher than they were before the storm.  But, since it’s always more fun to actually be a party than actually read about one (which is why so many chic-flics and teen rom-coms are boring and terrible) I’ll spare you.  One thing, though, over by those green flags in the picture to the right, people were dancing on buses and getting stuff thrown at them, it was like Preakness…well, almost.
Then we made our way through the mass cacophony of Jets fans to the stadium.
Tomorrow we’re inside the stadium.  And yeah, it’s awesome, but when we didn’t get served a drink, it wasn’t so awesome.

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  1. Nick Says:

    Hell yes everyone loves the tent

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