Week 2 results are in!


Hey all you pretty little forthies, this is nicktgal reporting your week 2 results.

I’m also reporting that Braylon Edwards got arrested for a DUI early this morning, aside from the Jets having a Player Protect program.  He wasn’t even pulled over for swerving on the road, either, but because his window tints were too dark…

Braylon, if you’re going to drive drunk, at least do it in an unsuspicious vehicle.  Punching people in Cleveland and joyriding in New York? No doubt the league will understand.

At least when I drive drunk I have a second airbag


This week was a weird one.  The Giants lost, Jets won, (weird, right?) and leads were switching sides as much as Lady Gaga.

Games were decided by safeties and penalties, not touchdowns and field goals.

Our 3 guest pickers, including Montesano from week 1, all fared differently.

And this week, as all logic, common sense, and rightness would assume, I redeemed myself and outscored the no-hearted villain.

Week 2 was the ultimate quelling of week 1, a week outcome that reversed the opinions of many and reinforced the opinions of few — The Colts and Jets redeemed themselves, the Ravens disappointed, the Bucs and Chiefs are 2-0, and Tom Brady isn’t God.  The only things that didn’t surprise us this week is that Tinman stumbled and Brett Favre’s commercials still suck.

The Jets seemed to have sewed their heads back on, and seemed to have cut those of the Giants off.



As a semi-Giant fan, I’m ecstatic to see the Giants get Goliath’d by the Colts.  As a Jet fan, and I’m speaking for many, we pride ourselves in being obnoxious, loud, obscene, and in being the “other” New York team  (It kind of works for us, especially because we’re sort of successful at least sometimes, sorry Mets).  We’re used to having been temps in Giants Stadium and leaving our Sunday New York trash for the Giants to clean up.  And we’re used to making stupid excuses for our losses while using the pettiest reason as an argument to why the Giants last win was a fluke.  We love to pester and be assholes to the fans of other New York teams.

But in the past week, spurred from intimidation and the worry of having their throne usurped, Giants fans cursed at, mocked, and vilified the Jets and their fans for “overrating a shitty team.”  (It’s “New Meadowlands Stadium” no matter how much you yell “IT’S STILL GIANTS STADIUM BITCHES!!!!!!!!”)

You can smile now, Fireman Ed

And I’m not one to be sensitive.  Loud football arguments and nearly-violent disputes are a staple to my nature and lifestyle. But the amount of shit-talking (this was only after one week, something that not only Giants fans need to remember, but Tinman, also) done by Giants fans was more than any I’ve seen by  a Jets fan.  At WHAT point does feeding us our own medicine turn into feeding us rat poison and beating us with a bat?

Or maybe I’m just saying this because now I don’t have to keep quiet anymore and can talk back now?  Shit, anyway…


As much as I’d like to, I will refrain from getting ahead of myself and making the same mistake as one winner did last week.  I won’t say he “sucks,” but will remind him, constantly until next week, that I did indeed beat him this week.

And for our three guests, one put up, one showed up, and one put a dud up.  Of the guests, Andy pkow came in third and Montesano in second, all while Nick Capoccia proved that his ability to foresee football outcomes is a little better than his ability to win Volleyball games.

Week 2 results:

nicktgal – 8-6-2

Julian – 6-8-2

Chewie – 7-7-2

Monto – 7-7-2

Pkow – 5-9-2

Capoccia – 8-6-2

Yearly results (damn you, week 1 outlier):

nicktgal – 10-17-5

Julian – 13-14-5

Chewie – 12-15-5

So, bragging will have to hold off until those “yearly” numbers are straightened out.

Nick Capoccia, our last guest entry and good pal, will continue on to pick with us and will keep his seat in the last column of the prediction table next week.

And although 8-6-2 is indeed a nice week, and results in a pecuniary profit, is any guest picker going to put up a 14-2 romp and put F&B to shame?  I hope not, but it’d be fun to see (and will hopefully make you read us).

Congrats, Nick, but I’m still going to beat you in Volleyball later today.

See you readers soon,


p.s. Condolences to our reader Tim Murphy, who lost upwards of $700 last night from the overruled 2 point conversion in the Saints/49ers game last night


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One Response to “Week 2 results are in!”

  1. Julian Says:

    You know I said you sucked because you got 2 games right….At least my week wasn’t horrible

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