Damn it Braylon


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As some of you may already know Braylon Edwards has been charged with a DWI.

Coming off a big win against the Pats on Sunday we all expected the Jets to celebrate for a few days. They deserve it. What we didn’t expect was to possibly lose our best current receiver for week 3 and possibly more.

What makes this arrest even more frustrating was that Edwards wasn’t pulled over for erratic driving, but instead for tints that were too dark. In no way am I condoning drinking and driving but as a Jets fan, God damn it I wish he would’ve just made it home.

Another thing that makes this frustrating is Edwards’ decision. The Jets have the Player Protection Program. For those who don’t know what that is, it is a simply a program that allows the players to call for a driver at anytime of any day. The call is confidential and it is in place to stop this exact situation. And yes, Edwards was aware of the program.

This all goes back to the ancient thought process of professional athletes, that they are invincible to the law. Well as we learn day in and day out, they’re not.

Even with the Jets impressive win it seems like they are going down one player at a time. First Jenkins for the year (and he might have to retire), then Revis for two weeks, and now we might lose Braylon. The difference is we might lose Braylon because of actions that he COULD control.

Whatever punishment he gets, he deserves. But from a Jet fan perspective let’s hope he gets the minimal penalty if one at all.

I will keep you updated on his situation.

Update: There were four people in the car with Edwards including D’Brickashaw Ferguson and Vernon Gholston. Edwards blew a .15, twice. Anyway you can check out the rest of the story here and see how Braylon tried to get out of it.


Fine I’ll admit it, Nicktgal got the best of me this week in the picks. Even if it was only by two games. I still have the best record for the year and there is no doubt in my mind (and there shouldn’t be any in yours either) that I will have the best record at the end of the season.

Chewie is the only threat to my success.

From my new bedroom (my living room),


P.S. Congrats to Nick Capoccia for winning this week. But no congrats to nicktgal for beating me by a lousy two games.


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