Clinton, say no more


First, I agree with Clinton Portis’ thoughts.  He has no involvement and is irrelevant, but, all rough edges aside, is right.


When Clinton Portis appeared on 106.7 The Fan, a radio show he attends weekly, and commented on the latest Ines Sainz / New York Jets “treat me like I don’t flaunt my breasts and butt even though I actually do” situation, I think Clinton forgot the golden rule of “being a public voice.”

Rule: Whenever one wants to speak publicly, whether it be to persuade, teach, notify, etc. every ounce of that person’s speech, lecture, etc. teeters on the apex of one scale: credibility (Tim Cowlishaw forgot this).

It’s pretty obvious that everyone who makes an effort to speak publicly (especially those who make a weekly appearance on a radio show) is doing so so that their opinion and thoughts are heard by others.  Nobody goes on a radio show to speak to themselves, they want to be heard (like I said, this is obvious).  And it’s also obvious that someone who frequents a radio show doesn’t only want to be heard once, but plenty of times in the future.

So when Clinton appeared on his weekly radio show and addressed the Sainz quarrel, he should have avoided talking about men’s “packages” and how he would “cut [his] eye” if he saw Sainz in the locker room.

–long side-note—-I understand everyone’s parlance varies.  Whether it be because of their upbringing, surroundings, education, or just physical ability to speak.  And I understand that even the most intelligent person can speak eloquently even if they aren’t using “correct english,” and even the dumbest person can speak in accepted English but have no point.  But, generally, if you want to be a “heard” public voice, you want to be viewed objectively and not judgmentally.  And, although many don’t, many people judge simply based on tone, inflection, and slang.

And don’t get me wrong, I pretty much agree with what he’s saying. The point he made, aside from almost condoning harassment, is true.

You’re right, if a woman is in a locker room with 53 naked men, I’m pretty sure one of them will “spark her interest.” (Although, you then said “…she’s gonna want somebody, I’m not sure what kind of woman won’t”, well, Clinton, a lesbian)

And I’m also sure that the line between “cutting eyes” and “creepy” was crossed.  For Sainz to make this such a huge matter (it could be for publicity, but she is already one of the most famous women in Mexico, but who knows?) I’m sure there was at least a slight sense of something that would fall under “harassment.”  And I’m not saying that she deserves it for putting herself there, because, no matter how she how licentious she has acted in the past, no woman deserves that.

But now, for making his true point in such a weird way, and talking about dicks unnecessarily, Portis is under the proverbial gun and has since apologized for his comments.

So, Clinton, from now on, if you want your opinions to be heard and respected in the future, don’t say things that shouldn’t be redacted in ways that should.  Because if you do, there goes your golden credibility.

It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it.

At least “any publicity is good publicity,” especially when your career is over the hill, hit the bottom of the decline, and is now digging its own hole.

Sainz is hot,



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