Week 1 results…ouch


Hey, it’s nicktgal.

The NFL’s first week is over.

And that means that I’m sitting here writing, dripping with shame and discredibility, but oh well.

After a few surprises, disappointments, major disappointments, and blasphemies, the results from our week predictions have been tallied, scored, and hopefully soon forgotten.

The results…

nicktgal – 2-11-3

julian – 7-6-3

chewbacca – 5-8-3

monto – 6-7-3

(the Saints/Vikings, Browns/Bucs, and Cardinals/Rams games all ended up with Against-the-spread ties)

Wow, umm…. this is a little embarrassing.  2-11-3? Um, I was drunk, I think.  Let’s just move on with this week.  Besides, nobody wants to remember the Jet game, either, so let’s just forget the whole week.  And Giants fans?  Well, spare me.

I can give no more credit to Julian than that it was sheer luck with absolutely no skill.

Chewie?  You claim you’re a Jets fan but you took the Ravens, seriously?

And Monto — I’m not at liberty to really “bash” any of you on the results, but, sorry.  Considering the rule that any guest who comes in 1st continues to pick, you failed to succeed.  Thanks for the effort though, maybe in a few weeks.  Seriously, though, good foresight with the Chiefs/Chargers game, you might be the only person on earth that bet that one.

Next week, expect a rebound!  I hope…  I’ll end this now, so I can start on forgetting it.


A review of the new Meadowlands Stadium is in progress

For week 2 we have our good pal Nick Capoccia of Sacred Heart making the picks, as well as our Californian friend Andrew Perkowski, Hamilton College alum.

p.s. If you wanna pick and show us up, let us know, children.


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