Week 1 picks


Hello there,

This is nicktgal speaking for both Tinman and I.

A couple people mentioned to us that Tinman and I should have a weekly pick-off where we both pick every game and tally up both of our W-Ls, so…we are.  I’m not sure what we’ll both get if we win, but at least bragging rights is assured.  We’ll figure it out.  Also, Chewie insisted he pick, and I don’t wanna anger him, so whatever.

Also, to get you beautiful Forth and Backwards readers (still trying to come up with a name for you guys, suggestions?) involved we’ll have one or two guest pickers every week.  So I guess just let us know if you guys and girls want to make some picks.

This weeks guest picker is our dear buddy Chris Montesano of Western New England College.  Like Tinman and I, Chris is a Jets fan, perhaps the biggest Jets fan we know.  And yeah, his picture doesn’t lie, he’s a stud.

note:  Unlike ESPN, we don’t frown upon gambling and betting, so all picks will be against the weekly spreads.  Gamble away, child.

Here are the picks…

Week 1 Matchups





Vikings @ Saints (-5) Saints Vikings Saints Saints
Panthers @ Giants (-6.5) Panthers Giants Giants Panters
Dolphins (-3) @ Bills Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins
Falcons (-2) @ Steelers Falcons Steelers Falcons Falcons
Lions @ Bears (-6.5) Bears Bears Bears Bears
Bengals @ Pats (-4.5) Bengals Bengals Bengals Bengals
Browns @ Bucs (-3) Bucs Bucs Bucs Browns
Broncos @ Jags (-2.5) Broncos Jaguars Broncos Jaguars
Colts (-2) @ Texans Colts Colts Colts Texans
Raiders @ Titans (-6) Titans Titans Titans Titans
Packers (-3) @ Eagles Eagles Packers Packers Packers
49ers (-3) @ Seahawks 49ers 49ers 49ers 49ers
Cardinals (-4) @ Rams Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals
Cowboys (-3.5) @ ‘Skins Cowboys Redskins Cowboys Cowboys
Ravens @ Jets (-2.5) Jets Jets Ravens Jets
Chargers (-4.5) @ Chiefs Chargers Chargers Chargers Chiefs

p.s. if you do, for some crazy, unbelievable, inadvisable reason take our advice and gamble with our picks, we aren’t responsible for any losses…but if you win….


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