The perfect idea


Remember those Terrible Towel things in Pittsburgh?  The vast, formidable, ominous bowl of yellow inside Heinz Field (ironic though, Heinz makes ketchup, and if you put both mustard and ketchup on your hot dog there’s something wrong with you).


Well, these Pittsburgh Terrible Towels have perhaps been the most iconic and memorable of all team-exclusive rally memorabilia.  Since their creation in 1975 by broadcaster Myron Cope and succeeding distribution by a now-defunct Gimbels department store (this is Wikipedia, it is cited, though),the terrible towel has been brought to various places around the country to spread the Pittsburgh spirit.

But, aside from being the proverbial “twelfth man,” a Pittsburgh city icon, and a sense of camaraderie in the non-City of Brotherly Love, the Terrible Towel has proven to be of even higher importance.

Selling at $7 a rectangle, the Terrible Towel has been somewhat of a pecuniary asset.

Recognizing this and seeing the “towel” as being a possible moneymaker, Myron Cope gave his “terrible towel” rights to the Allegheny Valley School in Pennsylvania, a school that, according to Wikipedia, helps more than 900 people with mental retardation and physical disabilities.  And since its nascent as a charity, the Terrible Towel has raised more than $2.2 million for the patients in Allegheny.

But this idea, although heartening and rightfully perpetuated for over two decades, may have been usurped by a very unlikely person.  Willis McGahee, yeah, the back-up running back for the Baltimore Ravens, may have come up with a better, cooler, much more badass idea.

McGahee has come up with the idea of the Baltimore Blackout — pitch black towels for fans rather than yellow.

I understand if you find this as a purely stolen idea, but it is only the second “towel” ploy the NFL has seen, and I think that, out of 32 teams, only two using towels still holds a sense of idiosyncrasy.  It’s not like hats or jerseys where there are 100 forms for each team, and those are still a part of everyday fan merchandise.  Besides…who’s that Microsoft guy?

Now, I’m sure walking through the entry tunnel and onto a field surrounded by 80,000 screaming fans violently swinging yellow towels that probably seem like maces can would be extremely terrifying.  But, imagine walking through this tunnel on a starry Monday night and seeing nothing but a contorting, writhing black shade that seems like a continuation of the night sky.  Now THAT would definitely be more scary.

And, which originally spurred the title to be “the perfect idea,” is because it supports a cause.

Every cent from all towel sales –each towel is $9.99– goes straight to the Willis McGahee foundation.  A foundation that, according to their website, provides “underprivileged” children with the “resources” and “encouragement” to help them succeed.

Super crazy props to McGahee.  A guy who not only persevered and worked through a torn ACL, MCL, and PCL at the end of his college career to create an opportunity for himself in the NFL, but now is using his success to create opportunities for others.

Badass, intimidating and helpful?  Who would have thought?

If I went down to Baltimore for a game, I’d definitely be a Baltimore fan for a day…And even if they were playing the Jets, I’d just slip it in my pocket.

Preparing myself for Monday Night tailgating at the Meadowlands,


The Baltimore Blackout towel design

p.s. Chewie has nowhere to watch Monday’s game…anyone?


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One Response to “The perfect idea”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Chewie can watch the game with kt and I since we seem to be the only two not attending the game

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