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Dreams do come true.

Well, it’s more like good things happen at the time when most people are dreaming.

Remember that dream that kept growing more and more intense?  Where months ago every Jet fan was like “yeah, we’ll sign him, we have to, he’s awesome, he’ll get the money,” to just a couple months ago where everyone was like “yeah, don’t worry, we’ll sign him and then we’ll worry about the rest of our pick-ups,” to “wait…we signed the other guys but we don’t have him yet…wait…” to “what’s plan B?”

Well, in the wee hours of Sunday night/Monday morning, the dream that the Jets collective had been dreaming finally came true, with not much time for it to happen, either.

Darrelle Revis, with one week left until opening night, ended his holdout.


With the help of Rex Ryan, Woody Johnson, and with no help Tim Cowlishaw, Revis agreed to a 4 year/$46 million contract.

But after scanning ESPN for the past few hours slurping up every detail from this beautiful, newly invented Jets Super Bowl-contending cocktail, I was a little thrown off by one piece of an ESPN article.  Not badly, just slightly, so don’t worry, no gripes, complaints, bitches, whines, just a slight observation.  Really more like a thought.  Follow, and let me know if you agree.

In an article entitled Darrelle Revis rejoins Jets by Rich Cimini of , who, in my opinion, is a bit too hard-newsy in a piece that really isn’t “breaking” anymore, Cimini opens his piece talking about Revis’ arrival.  Cimini talks about how Revis was alluded to as “Revis Christ” and walked on to the field with a growing “Rudy” clap.  Which, of course, is all in good fun (I’m not a religious radical, it’s kind of weird that I’m almost positive some people will have a problem with that).

When one of the best defensive players since child-lover Lawrence Taylor finally returns to your team in its greatest chance to win a Super Bowl in a long time, and in my lifetime, mirthful clamor is probably the least of the celebrations.

But, what I’d like to know, is if any of Revis’ teammates are actually more angry that he held out rather than just playing this year under his initially signed contract.  I definitely agree that, considering what Revis has done for the past few years, he deserves a lot more than a parsimonious and frugal $1 million.

But I also find it a bit outrageous that Revis was demanding to be the black-and-white “highest paid cornerback in the league.”  I’m the first to argue Revis is, unequivocally, the best cornerback in the NFL.  When someone takes a butcher knife to the field and the receiver he’s covering, cutting both in half, and posts stats like these:

Andre Johnson: 4 rec., 35 yards

Randy Moss: 4 rec., 24 yards

Marques Colston: 2 rec. 33 yards

Justin Gage: 4 rec., 37 yards

T.O.: 3 rec., 13 yards and 3 rec., 31 yards

Mike Sims-Walker : 3 rec., 39 yards (did have a TD, though)

Randy Moss: 5 rec., 34 yards (another TD)

Steve Smith of Carolina: 1 rec., 5 yards

it’s very, very hard to argue against it.

But why need the definitive contract crown?

In other situations it seems like teammates are always supporting their holding-out comrades, backing them throughout their struggle with the league and the front office.  Even a few weeks ago when Nick Mangold finally returned to the Jets field, Mark Sanchez publicly said that Mangold deserved every penny he got.  And I agree that the best players should get paid the most (who wouldn’t?, but don’t any teammates feel a bit betrayed that their teammate refuses to help them win while that said teammate refuses to play under a contract that he previously decided to sign?

I’m sure some Jets players were upset that one of the main reasons Revis wasn’t playing was because he had to be the highest.  Wouldn’t being paid the same as Asomugha have sufficed?  I just don’t understand the need for the title.

Is there a reason none of these guys speak publicly about a slight sense of betrayal or disappointment?  Do their other teammates tell them not to?

Even if they do, though, the cheers from this year will drown them out.

Hell yeah, bring on the 2010 season, where the Jets will claim New York.

Unlike in Lost, nobody wants to return to this island

yours truly,


p.s. Julian is right, Big Ben sucks.  But come week 6 he’ll be steering my fantasy team, so I’ll spare myself any future “your hypocrisy disgusts me!” by stopping now.

Hopefully Matt Moore can get me through the first few weeks…shit.

p.p.s. Tim Cowlishaw, you’re lucky. I called Chewie off of your hunt and got him to relax. But you and I still aren’t friends.


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