Big Ben is not a captain


Not many of you may know this, but Ben Roethlisberger used to be my favorite football player. His first game as a starter was broadcasted nationwide and from that day on he became the guy I always rooted for.

When I say he was the guy I always rooted for, I mean literally always. If he threw an interception it wasn’t his fault. If he fumbled blame the line. Over threw a ball? Receiver was to slow.

Of course through all his mishaps you can rest assured that Nicktgal was there to cachinnate at his misfortunes. Still that didn’t faze me.

The guy won a Superbowl in just his second season. It seemed like every Sunday he found a way to win the game for his team. He was slowly creeping up on my “favorite athletes list” (yea I have a list…)

Then came the first incident that put the slightest thought in my head that maybe this guy was a just another jackass playing football.

The incident I’m talking about is motorcycle accident that nearly claimed his life. It was stupid of him to be riding his bike without a helmet, but the fact that he didn’t miss anytime after nearly dying only made me respect what I thought at the time was an awesome personality.

Then he won another Superbowl and erased any trace of the “just another jackass” thought in my head.

After his second championship he was nearing Tino Martinez Awesomeness Status (the highest status you can possibly hope to have as an athlete).

It only went downhill from there.

Next came his first alleged sexual assault. To be honest I shrugged it off like no big deal. The way I looked at it was that the girl was just trying to score some money, slept with Roethlisberger and cried rape afterwards. Anyway I think I was right considering that texts were found from the accusers phone saying she wanted to have “little Roethlisberger’s.”

All I heard from Nick was “Your favorite player is a rapist” or “Hey how is Rapelisberger doing?” As I do with any of the crap that Nick usually tries to annoy me with I just ignored it.

Well next came the more recent sexual assault accusation. And there was no way for me to defend him on his SECOND accusation in less than ONE year.

I used to love Big Ben.

Now I can’t stand him.

I was overly thrilled when I saw on that he was not selected as a captain for the Steelers this year, the first time since 2007.

Yea I know, “Who cares?” But this just shows how far he has fallen, even in the eyes of his teammates. He has to prove to them this year that he can stop being a distraction and that he can act like a professional off the field.

Twice he has been accused of sexual misbehavior and twice he has beaten the charges. As a professional athlete you would think after one charge he would be more careful about the situation he gets himself into, but then again that thought process never seems to flow through the minds of any athletes.

Now his suspension has been reduced by two games for good behavior(Congrats Ben you haven’t sexually assaulted a girl all summer long!) giving him a chance to join his teammates on the field and to start healing the wounds that he himself inflicted on their relationship.

As much as I now dislike him, I will admit that if there is one player who can return to glory its Big Ben. The big man is notorious for finding ways to win games, and in the end that’s exactly what his teammates are looking for.

And Ben how bad can you possibly be with girls? I mean you’re a professional athlete can you really not find a girl you don’t have to force to get with you? Pathetic.

Seriously girls, how can you say no to him?

Your favorite blogger,


P.S. I want to take this time to thank the Football Gods for helping the Jets put Revis on the field again.


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