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Athletes must be punished more for drunk driving

September 29, 2010
Nick Adenhart, Angels, 34, accident, drunk driving

Nick Adenhart

I  wouldn’t be surprised if many of you don’t remember who Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart is. He never really got the chance to make his name a memorable one.

The reason he never got his chance was because he was killed when a drunk driver ran a red light and T-boned the car he was riding in.

Yesterday the drunk behind the wheel finally got convicted for the murder of not only Adenhart but also two of the other passengers in the car: Courtney Stewart and Henry Pearson.

It’s a discomforting fact that being reminded of this tragedy today is the only factor that got me thinking that athletes should face severe penalties from their teams and leagues when convicted of driving drunk. Even for a first offense, even if they are .01 over the legal limit.

Whether they like it or not, athletes are role models for millions of people. Their decisions affect people of all ages at different levels. Becoming a role model comes with becoming a professional athlete. There is no running from it.

So teams need to make sure their players are acting like positive role models. And when they don’t, the team needs to take an action to ensure that the player will think five times before screwing up again.

And the players have to realize that their decisions won’t just affect them and their close ones but also people who look up to them.

When they do something like driving drunk they are not only putting their lives in danger but also the lives of anyone who happens to be in their way (this really goes for anyone not just athletes). And at the same time sending the wrong message to the many fans who look up to them.

When teams don’t punish the player that sends a message that can be just as damaging: “It’s ok that you drove drunk, you will just sit out a quarter.” (Thanks Jets for the “punishment” to Braylon Edwards)

But really this goes for any athlete in any sport. A simple slap on the wrist is not enough, both for the athlete and for the people who look up to them. I guess all I’m trying to say is that the penalty for an athlete getting caught drunk driving shouldn’t be to miss a quarter or a game. It should include a hefty fine and depending on the sport at least a 2 game suspension.

Drunk driving is an offense that happens all too often in sports. It took the life of a promising rookie in the MLB and if that isn’t a wake up call to the Leagues to implement tougher punishments on players who commit the offense then I really don’t know what will get them to change.

Enjoy your day,


P.S. Still beating nicktgal in the picks. Just saying.


Week 3 results…a close one

September 28, 2010
Week 3 has come to culmination, and all the way up to Bears edging out the Packers last night, it was, more than anything, a close one.

The Bills kept it close with the Pats, only losing by 8, Seattle won by two epic kick returns by (ex-jet…sigh) Leon Washington, Atlanta beat the Saints, Jets/Miami had both Julian and I hopping up and down like we weren’t trying to wet our pants, and Oakland lost to Arizona by a Sebastian Janikowski coke choke-job, but nobody really cares about that one.

One team that didn’t keep it close was the Giants, though, they mistook their way into a titanic, giant loss to the Titans. (see that? cool, right?)

This week’s “Forth and Backwards back and forth competition amongst NFL prediction airheads” followed suit.


Around the Horn and PTI in HD, P U

September 27, 2010

I'm a Quaker AND my face looks like oatmeal!

After an eventful Sunday, one that the Jets bolstered their status as the most entertaining, eventful, exciting, badass team in the league, I did what I always do on Monday evening, watch Around the Horn and, since there is NOTHING else on at 5:30, PTI.

This Monday was the first day in each show’s history that they were filmed in High-Definition.  Around the Horn got a new, sleek “apple store” of a set, while PTI kept its creepy set full of cardboard cutouts.

Remember when HD-TV first came out?  There was all the talk about how TV personalities and anchors would need to change their entire make-up and pre-show routine.  About how when you watched Larry King Live it was recommended you kept a barf bag within reach?

And now that 3D-TV is coming out there’s even more warnings:  “For every hour you watch, take a 15 minute rest,” “Use safety precaution when you wear you 3D goggles,” “Wear a poncho when you watch Oprah.”

Well, it took only HD, not even 3D, for ESPN and PTI to ruin my day.  Some things should never be seen close up, one of them is Tony Kornheiser.  This is just a warning to all my readers, yes, to both of you, to never watch PTI or Kornheiser in high-definition.  And if you do, I implore you to abstain from eating or drinking while you do.

It’s like watching the Marshmallow Man’s mummy look at the Lost Ark.


September 25, 2010


And that means time for more Forth and Backwards back and forth competition amongst NFL prediction airheads.

After an 8-6-2 week from Nick Capoccia, he still is here, this time requesting to switch to the fourth column, next to angry Chewie.

He tied for first against me, nicktgal, and outscored both Horrid Heartless and the giant walking carpet.  Andy Pkow and Monto were ousted last week, but our buddy Greg Cristallo from Sacred Heart and Mike Cartelli vie to challenge.

Let’s see if anyone can put up something better than an 8-6-2 to advance.

To the picks..

New Meadowlands Stadium Part 2

September 25, 2010

Approaching the turnstiles everyone in my group of friends did what always happen: We all awkwardly looked at one another silently deciding which gate to go through “where is the shortest?  which one has a hot lady?”  And then, like always, we all thought “fuck it” and went our own ways.

And after receiving our stylish glowing wristbands from the scruffy hobbledehoy (you can think of him as nerfherder) that were way too hard to put on (first the tent and now a free bracelet?) we all met up and had the obligatory, this time not silent, argument:


New Meadowlands Stadium

September 23, 2010
The stadium is only two regular-season weeks old, so a “review” of sorts?
When I was first arriving to the New Meadowlands (yes, Meadowlands, not Giants) Stadium last Sunday for the week 1 matchup versus the Ravens, to be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.  Was it going to be “all it was hyped up to be?”  I mean, it cost $1.6 billion to make, about $.3 billion more than Jerry Jones’ beloved football Mt. Olympus, so it must be like, awesome crazy football Mt. Olympus, right?

But then I kept remembering Yankee Stadium.  The new stadium is, in many ways, bigger, better, grander than the old one.  The big screen is so big it’ll probably have long term effects on players eyesight, there are refreshment money-vacuums every couple feet, and things like a Metro-North platform connecting to the stadium are all overly convenient.  But, even as a stern and assiduous Yankees fan, I’ll admit that it’s simply “not the same” as old Yankee Stadium.  When I’m at home I’d rather sit on a huge, comfortable couch than a small, hard one, but at a game that notion isn’t the same.  And there is no giant baseball bat outside the stadium, which was the focal point of every mental picture I had of the stadium from my childhood. I also haven’t seen the gaudy Steinbrenner plaque yet, but I can assume.

An exterior picture of the old Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, NY.  The famous "big bat" is visible.

I never knew why the bat tape was peeling

So there are always the cool new things you enjoy and the old things that aren’t even actually that cool but that you miss a whole lot.

Like I said, I didn’t know what to expect, and as we approached our parking space,  (Granted old Giants Stadium isn’t as memorable as old Yankee stadium), I wasn’t sure what new things I’d appreciate and what old staples would soon become memories.


Damn it Braylon

September 21, 2010

Braylon Edwards, Dropped Ball, DWI, Jets, Football, 17

As some of you may already know Braylon Edwards has been charged with a DWI.

Coming off a big win against the Pats on Sunday we all expected the Jets to celebrate for a few days. They deserve it. What we didn’t expect was to possibly lose our best current receiver for week 3 and possibly more.

Week 2 results are in!

September 21, 2010

Hey all you pretty little forthies, this is nicktgal reporting your week 2 results.

I’m also reporting that Braylon Edwards got arrested for a DUI early this morning, aside from the Jets having a Player Protect program.  He wasn’t even pulled over for swerving on the road, either, but because his window tints were too dark…

Braylon, if you’re going to drive drunk, at least do it in an unsuspicious vehicle.  Punching people in Cleveland and joyriding in New York? No doubt the league will understand.

At least when I drive drunk I have a second airbag


This week was a weird one.  The Giants lost, Jets won, (weird, right?) and leads were switching sides as much as Lady Gaga.

Games were decided by safeties and penalties, not touchdowns and field goals.

Our 3 guest pickers, including Montesano from week 1, all fared differently.

And this week, as all logic, common sense, and rightness would assume, I redeemed myself and outscored the no-hearted villain.


Week 2 picks

September 18, 2010

First, In week 1:
The Colts lost to the Texans, a team that had beat them once since there 2002 inaugural year.
The Chargers lost a fluke game to the Chiefs because of rain and bitchy Philip Rivers.
The Eagles lost to the Packers in a hard-fought 27-20 game.
And the Cowboys (although many will argue) lost to a team anchored by Albert Haynesworth, a running back that can’t speak, and a scotch-taped quarterback.
But, by any means, in any way, do any of these teams, plain and simply, “suck”? No, it was just one week.
Second: Reference tinman-with-no-heart’s derision of my week 1 picks.
“I really can’t believe Nicktgal had the audacity to make fun of me. He clearly sucks and is trying to take the attention away from that.”  Come on, tinboy, you’ve got better stuff than that, I hope.
It’s one week.  As proven above, one week doesn’t prove everything.
But without more ado…
We’ve forgotten week 1 and are ready for week 2!  A few bad picks and a few bad play calls by Brian Schottenheimer have left us with nowhere to go but up, up, up, up.  Except for the Giants, they’ll be going down, down, down, down.
This week, along with Monto, who we’ve allowed to return because of his awesome (lucky) Chiefs pick over the Charger, are two Forth and Backwards fanboys and great, great friends of both Tinman and I.
In one corner we have Andrew Perkowski, or, if you’re familiar, Pkow.  Pkow, from Hamilton College, made his picks from his sojourn in California.  He’s recently given himself the nickname “the Cali Kid,” so make fun as much as you’d like.
Opposite corner is Nick Capoccia, Sacred Heart alum and the host of our Volleyball games.  For his own sake, though, hopefully his fate in football prediction is a bit better than in Volleyball.

To the picks…

Clinton, say no more

September 17, 2010

First, I agree with Clinton Portis’ thoughts.  He has no involvement and is irrelevant, but, all rough edges aside, is right.


When Clinton Portis appeared on 106.7 The Fan, a radio show he attends weekly, and commented on the latest Ines Sainz / New York Jets “treat me like I don’t flaunt my breasts and butt even though I actually do” situation, I think Clinton forgot the golden rule of “being a public voice.”

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