the yankees should keep close ties with the hiroshima carp


When I saw Masato Akamatsu, an outfielder on the japanese baseball team the Hiroshima Toyo Carp (yeah….), make a spider-man, super-man, gymnast amalgamation of a catch earlier this August, I remember heading straight for google to see if the video was one of those computer manipulations, the product of some geek with too much time (wait, I can’t talk).

I also remember, after reaching page 4 of google and finding no evidence of phoniness, watching Sportscenter (the video wasn’t on the web yet) on loop for 2 or 3 episodes to see the catch again and again (although I usually don’t remember to change the channel, and do this anyway, and I know it happens to everyone).

The catch was simply incredible, even from the unfortunate zoomed-out camera we’re able to see that the play was easily one of the best in a long, long time, and, in my opinion, ever.

sidenote: the best catch ever was by Eric Byrnes when he was on the Athletics.  It happened a few years ago and I can’t find it anywhere on the internet, I literally just got back from my search tab…no avail….and yes, Julian, it is the best catch ever made. –if anyone can find a catch where byrnes dives backwards in centerfield, do send–

And after I spent the past few weeks giving the video occasional revisits just to see it again and get excited for a second (catches excite me), we were graced with another, maybe better, catch.  Oddly enough, too, from the same team in the same stadium.  Is it a result of the stadium?  or is it just the carp?  I need to check out their stats to see if they can actually hit or if they recruit the circus.  They might want to find new southpaws… both hits were off lefties.

The Yankees need to keep good relations with these japanese teams, especially the carp, because these japs sure can jump, climb, scale, fly, eat lead, catch bullets, anything.

I say make the Carp a farm team and shoot Akamatsu up to the majors to play centerfield immediately, there is no possible way he can possibly hit worse than Curtis Granderson.

Watch them for yourself, and if you’ve already seen them, here they both are again.

Which one is better? And where are these catches on the MLB? aside from Eric Byrnes, of course


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