Roger, what have you done?


short piece on clemens and steroids… I know, I know, everyone is tired of steroids, but it’s 4:30 on a friday, I have a volleyball game later and a night to plan out, excuse the creative juice dam.


I recently perused a Bill Simmons tweet (I say tweet, sorry New York Times) that said:

This is like twitter porn for me. RT @rogerclemens: I never took HGH or Steroids. And I did not lie to Congress.

And after reading it, and after a slight chortle for good ole’ Bill, who, on a side note, is my favorite sportswriter, and, unlike every person on Barstool sports, knows the english language, I’m not sure if I feel bad for Roger Clemens or if I just plain hate him.

(if you’re ever thinking of clicking your “barstool sports” bookmark, navigate to the Sports Guy’s world instead)

–a future blog will expound that notion

On one side, it’s obvious that he isn’t the only one who juiced, lied about it, or benefited physically from it.  And it’s obvious that it isn’t really his fault that his performance on the field has only led to emphasized scrutiny and vilification (well it is, but how could he have known that?).  So, really, you have to pity that, at least a little…come on… a little? no?  okay.

But, on the other extreme, come on Roger, will you handle something correctly, for once? With the help of Brian Mcnamee, Andy Pettitte, your lying and your hubris, you locked the bars on your cell.  Look at all the guys who admitted to steroid usage still playing and litigation free, you made the wrong choice.

And now you’re continuing your “innocence display” on something like Twitter? You screwed over every team you played for.  You caused contretemps in 1999 demanding a trade, pissed off the Yankees so much to the point that they didn’t include you in their “Yankee Stadium farewell video,” and you floated around like annoying Brett Favre  at the end of your asterisked career.  You are, as Simmons put it, a player that belongs to no team.  At least if you were “a Red Sox,” (Red Sock? is a single player a Red Sox? or a Red Sock? dumb name)  or a “true Yankee,” you’d at least have some sort of backing, but you’re not.  You’re being compared to Shaquille O’neal, the growing joke of the NBA, which is a joke in itself.  If I were you, I’d stop tweet-tweeting, Twitter won’t help you now.

I don’t think anybody likes you anymore, sorry William Roger.


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