Before Julian, tinoman, tinomartnz88, tinomartnz67, or whatever the washed up old-timer-loving boy crusher feels like calling himself that day, and I begin, I would just like to inform any readers or future readers (if we’re lucky enough to have one of you) of the disparity and dichotomy in thought process and competence, and how it will be both apparent, and at points obvious.

The blog was initially created for casual sports chatter, although sports chatter doesn’t always remain casual and calm, and most of its discussion will revolve around sports related topics.  Come to think of it, this is the first post, so I guess this is as initial as it gets, so expect near-future sports arguments.  But it will also expand into any other weird rumination that floods the minds of Julian and I.

If we both argue a subject, or even just touch upon anything, it can be safe to assume that what I, nicktgal say, is both orginal, creative, and worth reading.  The argument will be both fact and historically supported, and will therefore be safe to presume both true and, ultimately, a good, well-informed statement from a good, well-informed (intelligent) person.

But if you read a post from the tinman with no heart, it will also be safe to assume that half of his argument will say things that are both intended to subvert and frustrate me, regardless of any obvious shame, and half of his argument will be uncreative with ideas lifted from others (if a sports related topic, probably someone like tim cowlishaw).

I just wanted to clear up this probably scarcely posted-to and probably ephemeral blog with a few strands of insight.


the more trustworty contributor,

nick, or (don’t worry, I will only call myself one of these two, not 5 names all way too similar and dedicated to a steroided first baseman) nicktgal


julian’s desktop background

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