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Well now that nicktgal, hatten49, baldelli22, terseverse, or terse (not sure which one he prefers now-a-days) has “set the tone”, as he keeps telling me, i can finally post.

He has betrayed his promise that his posts will be supported by fact and history. Nicktgal accused the greatest Yankees first baseman since Lou Gehrig of using steroids. However, Tino Martinez has never once come up on a list of potential steroid users, let alone a list of actual users. Unlike Nick I like to support my claims, Mitchell Report.

I have never understood why Nick always talks bad about Tino when his favorite ball player is Rocco Baldelli. The two aren’t even comparable. Tino had a long successful career while Rocco struggled to even play. Sure Rocco has an incurable disease that stops his mitochondria from producing enough energy for his muscles to function properly, mitochondrial myopathy, but that isn’t an excuse. Anyway Rocco has become a totally irrelevant player.

Now that I have successfully defended Tino I can say a few words about the blog.

The blog is intended to produce a good laugh or two but at the same time it will offer some insight into a wide variety of topics, probably mostly sports. So check in once in a while. I can’t promise a consistent stream of posts but when we actually find some motivation to post something it will definitely be worth reading.

I will leave you with this weak spitting attempt probably caused by mitochondrial myopathy.


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