week 8 f&b picks! just f&b

October 31, 2010 by

Heyo, week 8 is here, and we’re here with more of our nonsensical NFL predictions that you should definitely use as a basis for when you make your 1000 dollar wages with Vegas this weekend.  That’s right, everything we say you can trust 100% to win you every single bet you make.  And if you don’t win, we’ll recompense you with 100% restitution*

*Everything previously is a lie

to the picks!
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The NFL’s image tarnished?

October 28, 2010 by

The article is kinda undefended but there are some good points, all the way until Bryant compares football to pornography.

The risky business of football’s future

p.s. to everyone who was impatiently and fervently wondering how I did on my sports article ( I know all of you were), the editors liked it, and I’m scheduled to continue covering games for them.  Read The Examiner!


Favre until the last second

October 24, 2010 by

The Vikings-Packers game just ended.  Like, literally.  Favre just fell, got up, and threw it out of bounds in the direction of Randy Moss, surprising us that he didn’t score on a 4th and 15.  Right now he’s definitely hearing it from the Lambeau fans, I’d say about 80% boos and 20% claps and whistles.  Now the Black Eyed Peas are being played over the Lambeau sound system, epitomizing the failure of the night.


Hey, I'm Brett Favre, sup?


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October 23, 2010 by
So today marks Nicktgal’s first day of sports reporting in his young and probably short sportswriting career.
He is covering a football game, but has no experience or clue on how to “cover a football game.” He’ll probably annoy a coach, get no quotes, get the wrong quote, forget a quote, forget a name, chalk up the wrong the stat, get kicked off the field.
Hopefully his first article is better than a verbose piece of shit.

Nicktgal doesn’t know why he’s speaking in the third person right now. But wish him luck. And if you’re passing Hen Hud high school, please don’t point and laugh.

Athletic maybe?

October 20, 2010 by
A Chinese gymnast, while on his motorcyle, crashes into a truck.  But wait, he intentionally flips off his bike at the last second and isn’t only unscathed, but returns to check his bike.

Between that and those awesome Japanese baseball catches, something pretttyyyyy pretttttttyyyyy prettttttttyyyyy good is going on over in Asia.


Week 6 results…Tinman takes a hit

October 19, 2010 by

It was a good week for New York football fans… and a bad one for New York baseball fans.  Cliff Lee is a monster, he should be banned from baseball like I should be from being cool…we’re both just too good at it.  Wait….sigh….

Back to football.

The Jets, led by Mark Sanchez -the guy who doesn’t suck- came back against the Broncos, and the Giants survived the Lions who unfortunately lost their overachieving quarterback Shaun Hill.  If not for that…I’m not sure.

In regard to NFL predictions, the week was a little bit better for this New York football fan than the one with no heart.

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Big hits are what we like

October 18, 2010 by

Tired of all this “football has to become less violent” (see?  it already sounds weird) discussion.


On youtube you can find the biggest hits in the NFL of 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, etc.  In fact, you can probably find about twenty versions of each.  You can also find the best hits of a single player’s career, a single team’s history, etc.  And when you look, yeah, those videos have a lot of views.

We love to see the big hits.  We love to see a big hit, see the replay, say “holy shit” and analyze it with our friends about whether it was “really that bad or not.”

In ex-offensive lineman Ross Tucker’s recent article “Hard hits will keep coming” he compares big hits like those on DeSean Jackson and Josh Cribbs to crashes in NASCAR.  I hate NASCAR, it sucks.  People drive in circles in engineered cars, drink milk if they win and, worst of all, a lot of them speak in drawls.  But if I see a youtube video entitled “BIGGEST NASCAR CRASH OF ALL TIME!” there’s a pretty large chance I watch it.

And like Tucker said in his piece, I’m not afraid to admit it.

Of course players shouldn’t be trying to helmet-to-helmet hit, and I’m pretty sure most of them don’t try to do that.  They understand the consequences, especially now with the incessant research done and results released on the impact of concussions.  They simply want to blow up the guy they’re about to hit; it’s part of football, it’s part of the risk of playing it.

It’s part of what sets something like football apart from every other sport.  What would you rather watch, the Jets play the Cowboys (random selection) in a regular game of football or a game of flag football?

It was just years ago where ESPN used to hold a segment called “jacked up” during halftime of Monday Night Football.  Everyone in the room used to rush back to the TV to watch.

F Cliff Lee,



October 16, 2010 by

It’s wonderful Saturday again.  The day where we put up our genius NFL predictions and show the world exactly how much we know about the NFL.  We know every statistic, we know all there is to know.  We know everything.

Tomorrow the Pats try to reclaim their status against the Ravens, but they won’t, Mike Vick faces Atlanta, but isn’t playing, and the Jets will spank the starterless Broncos.

This week we have two returning pickers from last week, Harris Decker and Mike Rubenfeld because they ended up with the same record, 9-5, last week.  And, along with them, is Scott Rapasadi, the king of Albany himself.  The guy who, much more than lame Tinman, showed SUNY Albany what it meant to be “the man.”  So we have Truth About Music vs. Cortland vs. Albany.  WHO YA GOT?

To the picks…
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The Worst Athletes

October 15, 2010 by

Hey everyone, nicktgal here, it’s almost the weekend, so here’s a little reading to kill the time until your Friday night begins…

While watching the Rays-Rangers game 5 and seeing Cliff Lee dominate Tampa Bay, I felt nothing else but hate for that guy.  Spurred by that was a tweet where I listed my most hated athletes, and spurred from that tweet is this piece.


It’s easy to hate an athlete.  They do what most people’s childhood dreams were until they realize all their hard work isn’t going to pay off.  They get paid, they’re famous, they (in most cases) like what they do.  They had that childhood dream, had the ability to back it up, and backed it up.  We give them their money for what some people consider trivial, and we like it.  But when they mess up, we like to yell at them, curse at them, and feel good about ourselves.

We dislike a lot of the players, love a few of them, and boy, we love the teams we love.

We like him

We dislike a lot of the players.

We dislike a lot of the players.

We dislike a lot of the players.

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Favre Far from His Old Self

October 12, 2010 by

Yesterday was the worst day in Brett Favre’s life.


Brett Favre gets beat up

Can I stay down?


In the morning of yesterday’s rainy Monday Brett had to apologize to his teammates (teary-eyed, we know, ESPN, how much can you stress phony penitence) for sending racy pictures to Jets personnel. A move that violated the only thing that, according to his wife’s book, his wife could not tolerate from him — being a “womanizer.”

And at night,although the treasure of the Vikings, got his booty spanked up and out of the pocket for 3/4 quarters by Jets.

So what’s that? Brett Favre pulled a semi-Tiger Woods semi-metaphorical quadruple career-ending ACL tear, rip, choke. He affected his life off the field, as well as pulling the hope out of Vikings fans and throwing it downfield to the Jets for an interception. (That’s right, we have it now).

But until we get all the details about his peepee-pics it’s a bit tough to accurately touch upon it. All I can say, though, is that, if I were Brett Favre, I’d realize that Jenn Sterger probably has guys that aren’t pushing 40 to look at — she probably wouldn’t want to look at your wrinkly skin and old……………..balls….

But in regard to his on-field antics, you knew early-on that Brett’s night was going to be a tough one…

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